Critical maritime bills back to square one

In sharp contrast to its performance at the 16th Congress, lawmakers failed to pass any maritime bills in the 17th Congress as the new Congress formally starts its business this July. Members of the 17th Congress has officially wrapped up its work last month, but the proposed maritime bills especially those filed by Angkla Rep. Jesulito Manalo were...

Making Filipino seafarers less competitive

One reason for the staunch opposition of leaders of the manning groups to the new SSS Law, which seems valid, is the law's impact on employers of Filipino seafarers. Also during the press briefing, Mr. Ericson Marquez, director of the Joint Manning Group (JMG), shared with media members the effect of the increased SSS contributions to Filipino seafarers' Japanese principals.

Industry observes 25 June Day of the Seafarer

Various groups in the industry joined the global observance of the 25 June Day of the Seafarer themed: “Empowerment of Women in the Maritime Industry.” Unlike in the past years, however, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) did not coordinate the industrywide celebration honoring seafarers worldwide. Hence, the groups staged their own respective activities.

MARINA reports strong industry performance

Many obstacles continue to saddle the country's maritime industry, preventing it from going full speed ahead. Notwithstanding these lingering barriers, including obsolete laws or the absence of updated regulations, the industry has been performing strongly in recent years. The robust state of the industry was reported by Engr. Ramon Hernandez, Director of the Shipyard Regulation Service (SRS)...

PMMA starts using VR technology

As the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA) prepares for its bicentennial celebration, the oldest maritime institution in the country will become the center of innovation in the Philippine maritime education and training (MET) sector. Perhaps one of the most important among the legacies of the late PMMA Supt. VAdm. Richard Ritual, he has put PMMA on the...

Nullify some provisions of new SSS law – JMG asked SC

Groups representing seabased and landbased workers join hands in opposing the new SSS Law The objective of the new law is definitely laudable. The new Social Security Law seeks to provide improved benefits to overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), including seafarers. Nevertheless, non-government organizations (NGOs) promoting the interest of OFWs found...

Japan’s producer of ship machineries to help SBSR

The Japanese association of producers of ship machinery and equipment is extending help to the Philippines to strengthen the local shipbuilding and ship repair industry. The Japanese assistance was formalized with the signing of memorandum of understanding (MOU) recently between the Japan Ship Machinery & Equipment Association (JSMEA) and the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA).

Crew Managers air concerns over Seafarers’ improved Internet Access

TWo manning executives recently expressed their sentiment on the effects on the growing internet access, particularly social media, among Filipino seafarers onboard.        With improved seafarers’ access to the internet, seafarers onboard oceangoing vessels get to receive news, both bad and good, about their loved ones back home, practically in real time.

Revolutionizing maritime education

Perhaps everyone knows about e-books by this time. But everyone should now be looking forward to having a-books; that is, if one wants to learn more seriously something on the field of seafaring. A pioneering company is revolutionizing maritime education and training. Through the use of technology, it customizes the content of a book...

Ship managers lament lack of gov’t support

The proverbial goose that could lay golden eggs for the country has yet to deliver eggs. The problem, it could not deliver without government’s strong intervention. The local ship management business could be the goose, but could not deliver golden eggs simply because it remains a gosling for many years now. Ship management could deliver...