As the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA) prepares for its bicentennial celebration, the oldest maritime institution in the country will become the center of innovation in the Philippine maritime education and training (MET) sector.

Perhaps one of the most important among the legacies of the late PMMA Supt. VAdm. Richard Ritual, he has put PMMA on the road to cutting edge technology in MET.

VAdm. Ritual has tapped the expertise of Seaversity, a dedicated maritime technology provider that focuses on education and training systems, to lend a hand in facilitating his efforts to integrate the latest technology, mainly virtual reality (VR), into the syllabi of its BS Marine Transportation (BSMT) and BS Marine Engineering (BSMarE) programs.

With the use of special headset, a student can experience and immerse himself in a virtual world — a computer-generated environment such as the deck or engine room of a ship.

Before he partnered with Seaversity, the late PMMA superintendent had already embarked on modernizing PMMA’s syllabi mainly the use of animation, recalled C/E Ephrem De la Cerna Jr., founder and president of Seaversity.

“Two years earlier, Sir Richard (Ritual) was already moving towards that direction so to speed up the process he invited us to join him,” C/E De la Cerna said.

In an interview, C/E De la Cerna said VAdm. Ritual gave his group the go signal in November 2018 to proceed with the project to develop a VR software to fit in the PMMA syllabus to compensate for what cannot be done inside the classroom. (More…)

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